watercolor sketchbook paintings of cupcakes, insects, and fish

Flow State OR Repetitive TV Watching

I swear by this tip when you need to get into a painting groove, get out of your head, and into your body and just move with the brushes and paints. 

I turn on a tv show I've seen before, or don't really care too much to watch every second of. It works like a charm to drown out the thoughts and allows me to really focus on the painting I'm working on. 

I am notoriously behind the times on new shows, or anything even remotely edgy. Calm and repetitive is my style. I watch, and rewatch the same shows, and only take recommendations suitable for an 11 year old who is mostly scared of the dark…

These are the shows I turn on as background noise while I’m painting, or doing anything where I need to get out of my head and enter flow state.

Felicity (Team Ben!)

Only Murders in the Building (Of course I grew up watching Steve Martin & Martin Short on SNL and in the Father of the Bride movies)

The Good Place (Grew up watching Cheers! And then became a fan of Veronica Mars, another great show)

Is it too obvious to say Friends?! It still makes me laugh out loud, even though I know every line.

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